Oyster Egg Day XXII

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It's not Oyster Egg Day!
The Enchanted Flying Oyster was not delayed by forces beyond his control, so he came the night before last and hid his magical eggs all over the Kingdom!
Grab a basket at the Market and retroactively gofnord egg-hunting!
Eggdot.gif Eggstripe.gif Eggdot.gif Eggstripe.gif

The twenty-second Oyster Egg Day was held on June 19, 2009 (April 3, Year 25). By equipping an oyster basket, adventurers could collect a number of differently-decorated eggs from various locations throughout the Kingdom.

The holiday was originally scheduled for June 18, 2009, but it was held on June 19 instead; it was re-named "It's not Oyster Egg Day." The word "fnord" was hidden twice in the holiday's description on the main map, once commented out and once hidden as an undisplayed span element.

The usual Oyster egg acquire messages were changed; they always began with, "After all of that stuff happens, you remember that at about this time yesterday, you found an Oyster egg," with invisible "fnord"s occasionally appearing as well. In addition, the golden plastic oyster egg dropped rarely in every adventurable location.

Drop Locations