Oyster Egg Day LXIV

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Surprise! Somebody played a prank on the Enchanted Flying Oyster and filled his cavities with sand while he slept. His eggs are super weird now!

Grab a basket at the General Store and see if you can find some!

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The sixty-fourth Oyster Egg Day was held on April 1-2, 2018. By equipping an oyster basket, adventurers could collect a number of differently-decorated eggs from various locations throughout the Kingdom.

Initially, only traditional eggs were found, but come the (UTC-7) morning, shiny new eggs began appearing in regular combats. In the Pocket Familiars path, the new eggs began to show up in Pokéfam combats later in the day. Because of the lagged appearance of the new content, the Holiday was extended through April Second.

In all paths during the entire holiday, traditional Oyster Eggs continued to be found in noncombat adventures.

BUT, the Oyster Egg locations were re-randomized for the second day... *SIGH*

Oyster Fool's Egg Drop Locations (April 2 ONLY)

Oyster Fool's Egg Drop Locations (April 1 ONLY)

Traditional Egg Drop Locations

NOTE: These could still appear in non-combats in their relative zones, but disappeared entirely from combat-only zones, to be replaced by the Oyster Fool's eggs (above), when the latter were properly implemented several hours after rollover.