Ovoid leather thing

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ovoid leather thing
ovoid leather thing

This looks like some caveman's attempt to make a ball by sewing together animal skins and inflating them. His underdeveloped brain and clumsy, stubby fingers prevented him from making a sphere, though: there are large, sloppy stitches on the top, and the whole thing's shaped like an oval that comes to a sharp point at the short ends.

Oddly enough, modern frat boys use similar objects when they want to throw a ball around. But is it a surprise that frat boys and cavemen think alike?

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 150 Meat.

Deals 80-100 Physical Damage

(In-game plural: ovoid leather thingies)
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Obtained From

The Orcish Frat House (Bombed Back to the Stone Age)
caveman frat boy
caveman frat pledge

When Used

You hurl the ovoid leather thing at your opponent. It has no idea how to catch it, so it hits it in the head for 80-100 damage.
You attempt to throw the ovoid leather thing, but sprain your wrist. Ow!
HPYou lose 40-50 hit points.


  • Fumbles appear to occur 10% of the time.


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