Over-the-shoulder Folder Holder

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more info on folders; is there a shared drop-rate formula and limitation on monster-dropped folders, i.e. decreasing rate after each successive drop in a day?

over-the-shoulder Folder Holder
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder

This handsome accessory lets you do what no kid without one could do: Carry 3 folders at the same time. No wonder these things are so popular!

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded
NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.
NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore. (Except for High School Students)

(In-game plural: over-the-shoulders Folders Holders)
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Item number: 6617
Description ID: 868830919
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Obtained From

Folder Holder

When Managed




  • The player can insert up to three folders into this item to obtain the enchantments provided by each folder. Folder enchantments are listed in order of their folder number.
  • Removing a folder destroys the folder.
  • A Folder Holder may not contain multiple identical folders.
  • Folders in the Holder do persist across ascensions.
  • Folders from monsters only drop if the Folder Holder is equipped. Each folder drop will decrease the drop rate of the next folder.
  • If owned, this item is automatically pulled at the start of a KOLHS ascension. In KOLHS, its maximum capacity is increased to five folders. Upon breaking the prism to end a KOLHS run, if there are more than three folders inside the Holder, the excess folders will be returned to the player's inventory.



TOP 10 over-the-shoulder Folder Holder collections
1. eusst - 11 | 2. Mc7Man - 1 | 3. Jaylee - 1 | 4. Vigilamus - 1 | 5. Scattaloquarious - 1
6. Emerilla - 1 | 7. Hunior - 1 | 8. Achernar - 1 | 9. Izhebel - 1 | 10. Terrapin_Man - 1
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings
Folders for the over-the-shoulder Folder Holder
Num. Folder Enchantment Source
01 red Muscle +20 The General Store
02 blue Mysticality +20 The General Store
03 green Moxie +20 The General Store
04 magenta Muscle +15, Mysticality +15 rushing bum
05 cyan Mysticality +15, Moxie +15 Sub-Assistant Knob Mad Scientist
06 yellow Muscle +15, Moxie +15 possessed can of tomatoes
07 smiley face +2 Muscle Stat(s) Per Fight Punk Rock Giant
08 wizard +2 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight Claybender Sorcerer Ghost
09 space skeleton +2 Moxie Stat(s) Per Fight sk8 gnome
10 D-Team +1 of Each Stat Per Fight Bob Racecar
11 Ex-Files Increases combat frequency by 5% Grass Elemental
12 skull and crossbones Decreases combat frequency by 5% Scary pirate
13 Knight Writer Combat Initiative +40% Gnollish Gearhead
14 Jackass Plumber +25 to Monster Level Ticket Redemption Counter
15 holographic fractal +4 Resistance to All Elements ferrelf
16 barbarian Increased physical damage as you take damage tribal goblin
17 rainbow unicorn Deals Prismatic Damage to Attackers suckubus
18 Seawolf Makes you a better diver school of wizardfish
19 dancing dolphins +50% Item Drops (Underwater only) Big Brother
20 catfish +15 to Familiar Weight (Underwater only) Mer-kin teacher
21 tranquil landscape Damage Reduction: 15, Regenerate 10-20 HP and MP per adventure The Terrified Eagle Inn
22 owl +500% Item Drops from Monsters (Dreadsylvania only) Treebasing
23 Stinky Trash Kid Deals Stench Damage every round stench ghost
24 sports car +5 Adventure(s) per day when equipped. motorhead
25 sportsballs +5 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped. sporto
26 heavy metal +5 to Familiar Weight wastoid
27 Yedi Spell Damage +50% dweebie
28 KOLHS +50% Item Drops (KoL High School zones only) Through the Locking Glass