Out in the Open Source

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Out in the Open Source
Out in the Open Source

As you step onto the deep shag carpeting in the Neckbeard Giant's room, you kick up a cloud of orange dust that makes you choke. Apparently giants have giant-sized Cheat-Os, and the Neckbeard Giant must love them, because everything in here is coated in greasy orangeness.

You can hear soft beeping and whirring from racks full of (gloriously open source!) computer equipment, and the rattling of a dumbwaiter in the corner. I mean, like, a little hand-powered elevator, not some kind of mentally-challenged food server.

Check out the Dumbwaiter
You step into the dumbwaiter and yank on the rope, but the dumbwaiter's too heavy to pull yourself up([sic]or maybe you need to lay off the donuts). You're going to need something to use as a counterweight.
You hook your giant dumbbell onto the counterweight side of the dumbwaiter, and with a zip and a whoosh you go up to the second floor.
You see a chore wheel hanging high on the wall up here, but it's way too far off the ground for you to reach it. It'd be pretty sweet to tell giants what to do, though. Even if you can only tell them to take out the trash and pay their bills.
Okay, so that's less "Giant Master" and more "Giant Mom."

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifGround Floor, of the The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky.
You hook your giant dumbbell onto the dumbwaiter, and feel like a dumbadventurer as you ascend to a place you can already access.

Mess with the Computer Equipment

You hop onto one of the many keyboards on the desk and jump around, seeing how many obscene words you can spell before you run out of breath. On your last hop, you miss the keyboard and land on a homebrew 3-D printed mouse with open-source drivers. An arc of electricity jumps between two bare screws and pumps you full of mystical energy.

You gain (200% of <mainstat>) in Mysteriousness, capped at ?.

Check the Neckbeard's Giant Cargo Shorts

You crawl into one of the eleventy-dozen pockets in one of the Neckbeard Giant's single pair of cargo shorts. Among the caffeinated gum wrappers and USB sticks, you find a few possibly useful items.

Book4.gifYou acquire an item: O'RLY manual
Opensauce.gifYou acquire an item: open sauce

Crawl through the Heating Vent

You crawl into the heating vent, and skitter through the ventilation ducts for a while until you get to the Fitness Giant's room. Leads to You Don't Mess Around with Gym

Hack the computer system

Drawing your candy cane sword from the cane, you turn to the computer system. You slice some wires with the sharp sword, strip them, and then splice them together with some sticky sugar. The end result is that the fractions of the pennies left over from the giant's Cheat-O purchases are routed to your account. Then you fast forward the algorithm 100 years!

Meat.gifYou gain 999 Meat.
You 98 Fortitude.
You 198 Enchantedness.
You 93 Sarcasm.

Occurs in ‎The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement).