Our Daily Candles™ order form

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Our Daily Candles™ order form
Our Daily Candles™ order form

Fill this form out and burn it in the nearest candle flame to sign up for the hot new candles-by-mail service that's spreading like wildfire.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: Our Daily Candles™ order forms)
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Item number: 10773
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

  • First time:

You fill out the form and burn it. As the last curl of smoke dissipates, your doorbell rings. Looks like today's delivery is here!

(Only one correspondent may be active at a time. Our Daily Candles is now your active correspondent. This can be changed in the Options Menu.)

  • If you've already signed up for candles:
You are already a member of Our Daily Candles.


  • July 2021's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Get a variety of useful candles in your mailbox every day.
  • Only 1 Correspondence IOTM may be active at once, if you have used another correspondence item, you may choose which one you want to receive mail in the Eudora tab in Options menu.

Items Received

Each day, you receive a message from Our Daily Candles containing one candle-based equipment, one premium potion, and two different basic potions.

  • Candle-based equipment are untradable and disappear at rollover.
  • Premium potions have a duration of 40 Adventures, and basic potions have 80 Adventures.
  • This Correspondence is not checked until login. As such, you will receive all candles from any correspondence messages you have missed due to not logging in the previous day(s).
    • This makes it possible to obtain multiple equipment candles in one day, if one has not logged in for a few days.

The items received are based on a deterministic system. Spading can be found Here.

When in the special challenge path Wildfire, you also receive a water candle off-hand.

Category Item Effect
Equipment Candlecabra.gif Abracandalabra Off-hand item
Spell Damage +100%
Regenerate 5-10 MP per adventure
Maximum MP +100%
Candlecutility.gif extra-large utility candle Weapon (1-handed club)
+25% Item Drops from Monsters
+50 Hot Damage
Candlechelmet.gif extra-wide head candle Hat
Weapon Damage +100%
Regenerate 10-20 HP per adventure
Maximum HP +100%
Candlecsparks.gif novelty sparkling candle Ranged weapon (1-handed sparkcandle)
+25% Item Drops from Monsters
+25 Hot Damage
+25 Damage to Hot Spells
Candlectaper.gif runed taper candle Weapon (1-handed wand)
+25% Item Drops from Monsters
+50 Damage to Hot Spells
Premium potion Candlecnapalm.gif Napalm In The Morning™ candle Candlecnapalm.gif Scorched Earth (40 Adventures)
+10 Stats Per Fight
Candlecsalsa.gif Salsa Caliente™ candle Candlecsalsa.gif El Aroma de Salsa (40 Adventures)
+30% Item Drops from Monsters
Candlechuman.gif Scent of a Human™ candle Candlechuman.gif Ew, The Humanity (40 Adventures)
Encounter human monsters more frequently
Candlecclover.gif Smoldering Clover™ candle Candlecclover.gif Good Things Are Coming, You Can Smell It (40 Adventures)
+60% Meat from Monsters
Candlecbeast.gif The Beast Within™ candle Candlecbeast.gif A Beastly Odor (40 Adventures)
Encounter beasts more frequently
Basic potion Candlecbanana.gif banana candle Candlecbanana.gif Everything Is Bananas (80 Adventures)
Monsters will often fail to hit you because of all the banana oil everywhere
Candlecear.gif ear candle Candlecear.gif Clear Ears, Can't Lose (80 Adventures)
+100% Combat Initiative
Candlecincense.gif natural magick candle Candlecincense.gif The Odour of Magick (80 Adventures)
-3 MP to use Skills
Candlecglitter.gif rainbow glitter candle Candlecglitter.gif Covered in the Rainbow (80 Adventures)
So-So Hot Resistance (+2)
So-So Cold Resistance (+2)
So-So Spooky Resistance (+2)
So-So Stench Resistance (+2)
So-So Sleaze Resistance (+2)
Candlecvotive.gif votive of confidence Candlecvotive.gif Confidence of the Votive (80 Adventures)
Muscle +50%
Mysticality +50%
Moxie +50%


  • For the first 3 days of the item's implementation, the candles received were random rather than with deterministic seeding.


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