Ouch! You bump into a door!

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Ouch! You bump into a door!
Ouch! You bump into a door!

As you're wandering through the Dungeons of Doom, you encounter a door (which looks suspiciously like that book you found in here earlier.)

You try to open the door, but the door resists! After 20 or so tries, you finally get it open.

"Welcome, <playername>, to Izchak's Lighting Store!" says a particularly tough-looking at-sign.

You step inside the store. Izchak looks at you with a menacing stare and an even more menacing forked wand, and says "Hurry up and buy something. And don't let your familiar pick stuff up and leave it on the square outside my door so you can walk off without paying for it. I've had it up to here with that crap."

Buy a magic lamp (50 meat)
Izchak says "For you, <playername>, only 50 Meat."
You pay him and leave with your new acquisition.
Lparen.gifYou acquire an item: magic lamp
Izchak says "For you, <playername>, only 50 Meat."
You realize that you don't have 50 Meat, and sheepishly leave the store. Baa.

Buy what appears to be some sort of cloak (5,000 meat)
mimic This monster is Weird -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: dead mimicq
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 45 • Substat Gain: 11.25 • Moxie for No Hit*: 55
  • Monster Defense: 40
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Initiative: 70
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Note: The mimic cannot be pickpocketed.
Izchak says "For you, <playername>, only 5,000 Meat."
You realize that you don't have 5,000 Meat, and sheepishly leave the store. Baa.

Leave without buying anything.
You leave Izchak's shop. As you're walking away, you hear him counting money.

Occurs at The Dungeons of Doom.


  • As of April 17, 2008, the dead mimic is no longer a one-time drop.
  • Choosing "Leave without buying anything." does not consume an adventure.
  • It is possible to receive this encounter, and use it to obtain a dead mimic, multiple times per day.


  • As with everything else in the Dungeons of Doom, this is a reference to the computer game NetHack (official site).
    • "Ouch! You bump into a door!" is a NetHack message that can appear when you walk into a closed door with low dexterity or one of several status ailments.
    • In NetHack, both spellbooks and closed doors are represented by a plus sign.
    • "The door resists!" is a NetHack message that sometimes appears when a character without enough strength tries to open or close a door. Several retries may be needed to open or close the door successfully.
    • Izchak is the most famous NetHack shopkeeper, named after the late Izchak Miller, a developer of the game. He runs a "lighting store" in the game.
    • NetHack shopkeepers always carry dangerous magic wands. "Forked wand" is one of many possible wand descriptions in the game.
    • Magic lamps sold by NetHack shopkeepers have a base price of 50 zorkmids.
    • A commonly exploited feature of NetHack is the ability to let your pet (a tame monster) roam a store, pick stuff up, and drop it outside of the store without paying for the item.
    • A mimic in a NetHack shop often appears as the character "]", which is easy to confuse with "[", the symbol for cloaks and other outerwear.
    • The message on leaving the store evokes the NetHack message "You hear someone counting money," which actually indicates the presence of a treasure vault on the dungeon level, but is easily mistaken to indicate the presence of a store.