Oscus's neverending soda

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Oscus's neverending soda
Oscus's neverending soda

Oscus found a lot of impressive things while dumpster diving (he referred to the process as "my house diving," though), and this is one of the more impressive ones. It's a can of soda that magically refills itself.

Type: usable (once per day)
Selling Price: 10000 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Restores 200-300 MP
(doesn't go away when used)

(In-game plural: Oscus's neverending sodas)
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Item number: 3393
Description ID: 445347637
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Obtained From

The Heap
Deep Enough to Dive

When Used

  • First use of the day:
You drain the can in one fell gulp. It's surprisingly refreshing for something that came from a dumpster.
MPYou gain 200-300 Mana Points.
  • Subsequent uses:
The neverending soda is empty now. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for it to fill up again.


  • Attempting to distribute this to a player who already has one in their Inventory, Closet, or Display Case (notably not including Hagnk's) yields the message: "That player already has one of those."


  • This item is a reference to Homestar Runner's Strong Bad Email #78, "Anything". The short ends with Homestar pouring Mountain Dew into Strong Bad's keyboard. The flash animation of the pouring soda continually loops, and after a pause, Homestar comments, "Dang, this thing is like... the never-ending soda..." Then he sings the phrase, to the tune of "The Neverending Story".

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