Original Toot Oriole Quest

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This page is here for historical interest only, see the Toot Oriole Quest for the current quest.

Oriole.gif Your first stop in the Kingdom can be found by visiting Mt. Noob

  • The Council of Loathing: "Welcome, Adventurer. Your first order of business should be to complete the training offered by the Toot Oriole. He lives atop Mt. Noob, in the Big Mountains."
  • After an arduous journey up Mount Noob, you encounter the Toot Oriole, in his roost at the Mountain's peak.
    The Oriole speaks:


Adventure around the Seaside Town until you have amassed at least 100 meat, then return to Mt. Noob.


  1. oriole-feather headdress
  2. Certificate of Participation


  • First Visit
    • You have much to learn, young one. Go ye hence, and adventure. I'd suggest a few runs at Cobb's Knob, and the Haunted Pantry. Come back to me when you're marginally more experienced. Be sure and equip your starting items (from the inventory screen) before you do.
  • Second Visit
    • Welcome back, young one. Now that you've gotten your feet wet with the whole adventuring thing, I have an assignment for you.

      Return to me once you have amassed 30 Meat.
  • Third Visit
  • Fourth Visit
    • Welcome back, my disciple. It is good that you have returned, for these are trying times -- I have broken my favorite action figure. Make some meat paste (in your inventory) and fix it for me -- you are my only hope.
      Bjornbody.gifYou acquire an item: action figure body
      Bjornhead.gifYou acquire an item: action figure head
    • My action figure is still broken. Make some meat paste, [use] the paste, and combine the body and head of the figure. Please hurry -- it's my favorite action figure.
  • Fifth Visit
    • Joy of joys, my disciple! Thank you for repairing my precious Mighty Bjorn. Meat paste can be used to combine other items, as well. Spend some time playing with it, and see what you can make.

      And now, for your last assignment, go fetch me a nice-looking twig for my nest. The Hermit probably has one. Buy a Hermit Permit in the market, and visit him in his mountain abode.

      Give him this, in trade.
      Trinket.gifYou acquire an item: worthless trinket
    • Please, my disciple. Bring me a nice-looking twig for my nest. Buy a Hermit Permit in the market, and visit the Hermit in the Big Mountains. If you've lost the worthless item I gave you to trade for the twig, you can probably find another one by fishing around in the sewer.
  • Sixth Visit