Origami pasties

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origami pasties
origami pasties

No, you didn't somehow make a tasty meat-stuffed pastry by folding paper. These are the other kind of pasties -- little round discs with tassels hanging from them. They're round because if they were square, it would just look like your nipples were graduating high school. Anyway, a torso "covering" this salacious is bound to elicit some saucy winks. Which are way better than tiddly winks.

Type: shirt
Power: 100
Cannot be discarded

+30% Meat from Monsters

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: origami pastiess)
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Item number: 3196
Description ID: 353333224
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Obtained From

Items (With Torso Awaregness)
Fold naughty origami kit
Fold naughty paper shuriken

When Folded

You unfold the pieces of paper, if you know what I mean.
HPYou lose 5% of your maximum hit points. (sleaze damage)

Blushing, you re-fold them into a new object.

Origamicrop.gifYou acquire an item: origami riding crop

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