Order of the Silver Wossname

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Order of the Silver Wossname
Order of the Silver Wossname

For destroying both sides in the Great War between the Hippies and Frat Orcs, you have been awarded the Kingdom of Loathing's most prestigious decoration. In fact, it's been so long since the last time it was awarded, that no one can quite remember what the curious engravings on the medallion are meant to represent. Still though, it's quite an honor.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 85
Selling Price: 15000 Meat.
Cannot be traded

All Attributes +11
+11% Item Drops from Monsters
+11% Meat from Monsters

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: Orders of the Silver Wossname)
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Item number: 2764
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Obtained From

Mysterious Island Quest (Defeat both armies)


  • Reward for completing the Mysterious Island Quest by defeating both armies. To do this:
    • Defeat 999 of the 1000 combatants on both sides of the war. (The images for both sides should show just one figure on the field, and should have filenames ending in 31.)
    • Adventure in the Battlefield in either the War Hippy Fatigues or Frat Warrior Fatigues to trigger the appropriate "epic conflict" adventure (The Last Stand).
    • Fight either The Big Wisniewski or The Man.
    • Use a flaregun in this final combat to call in the pirates - not using a flaregun results in no Wossname, and will instead give you the appropriate medal for having defeated the boss in his own base.
    • Return to the Council to receive your reward.
  • Be careful when completing side-quests if attempting to reach 999 combatants defeated -- if your total does not land exactly on 999, the Wossname is lost. For example, if 3 side-quests have been completed for a side and you win a Battlefield combat with 993 combatants already defeated, your total for that side will increment by 8 and be pushed to the maximum (1000). This will wipe out that side and make it impossible to obtain the Wossname in that ascension. Also if you do not get acknowledgement that you have completed a side quest it will not register on the battlefield.
  • Casting CLEESH does not count that battle towards the number of enemies killed.
  • The first turn on the battlefield, which is non-combat, does not count as a kill.
  • Plan your piratey island slaughter using the following table:
0 1 2 3 Total turns in
the battlefield
Turns on
each side
1 1 1 124 254 fastest
7 0 0 124 262 simpler
999 0 0 0 1998 simplest
65 65 67 67 528 better rewards
1 1 0 90 184 Rocket Launcher
16 26 38 49 258 Rocket Launcher, rewards
  • For people who find the previous section confusing, here is a simple summary.
    • The fastest possible way to get the Wossname is to kill one enemy, then do the first side quest, then kill one more enemy, then do the second side quest, then kill one more enemy, then do the third side quest, then kill 124 enemies on the battlefield. Then repeat that for the other side.
    • Nearly as fast but somewhat simpler is to kill 7 enemies, then do all 3 of your side's side quests, then kill 124 enemies. Then repeat that for the other side.
    • The simplest possible way to get it is to kill 999 enemies without completing any side quests - though this takes significantly longer, it allows gaining more stats and collecting more items, possibly including those dropped by the Heroes among the frat and hippy armies.
    • The fourth row on the table is the fastest way to get the Wossname while having each side do the other side's quests, which give better rewards. That is, by doing the 3 Frat Boy side quests as a hippy, while doing the 3 Hippy side quests as a Frat Boy. The total kill counts for each side should be 65 (then do 1st side quest), 195 (2nd), 463 (3rd) and 999.
    • The fifth row is the fastest course of action if on an Avatar of Sneaky Pete run with the Rocket Launcher upgrade on the Motorcycle: it causes each combat in the Battlefield to increase the kill counter by 3 in addition to the kills from sidequests, thus each combat contributes 4, 5, 7 and 11 kills respectively.
    • If you want some of the better rewards but don't want to spend 528 turns getting the Wossname, there is a calculator which will determine how to attain the minimum number of turns on the battlefield. For example, it's possible to save over 60 turns over the "better" path just by getting the Fratboy arena reward (both rewards are temporary anyway).
  • If you know you overshot your kill count by one (for any but the last kill), you can get back on track by killing one more enemy.
  • There used to be a bug that caused the War Frat Streaker to count as a hippy, not a frat boy, advancing the wrong side of the battlefield. This was fixed on July 29, 2007.
  • A convenient way to keep track of the number of battles you have fought on each side is to use the kill statistics of a familiar. Keep in mind that the familiar kill count will increase by one for each fight you win; it does not depend on the number of side-quests you may have completed.
  • Another convenient way to keep track is to use one of the timer effects.
  • KoLmafia keeps track and displays the current kill count at the end of each fight as well as above the Island map.
  • There is a greasemonkey script to make counting easier - it displays kills for you. Many people have reported issues with this script, so don't rely solely on using it.


  • "Wossname" is a British placeholder name (a variation of "whatsitsname") used when you can't remember what something's called.

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Destroying both armies
Order of the Silver Wossname