Orcish cargo shorts

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Orcish cargo shorts
Orcish cargo shorts

This is a pair of cargo shorts formerly worn by an Orcish Frat Boy. It's got lots of pockets, perfect for storing your cheat sheets and beers.

Type: pants
Power: 60
Moxie Required: 15
Outfit: Frat Boy Ensemble
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 80 Meat.

Muscle +3
Mysticality -3

(In-game plural: pairs of Orcish cargo shorts)
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Item number: 240
Description ID: 802888217
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Obtained From

Orcish Frat House
Orcish Frat Boy (Paddler)
Purple Hazers
From Stoked to Smoked
Oh Yeah! (with Comprehensive Cartography)
Orcish Frat House (Verge of War)
Room Raider
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Road to the White Citadel
eXtreme Sports Orcs

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