Orange and black Crimboween candy

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orange and black Crimboween candy
orange and black Crimboween candy

This is a handful of those little wax-paper wrapped orange and black candies you always end up with after you've eaten all of your good candy. You've always suspected that they're not actually candy, but some kind of recycled building materials that just happen to smell sort of like peanut butter.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 15 Meat.
Effect: Sugar Rush (5 Adventures)+20% Combat Initiative
Muscle +5%
Moxie +5%
Mysticality -10%

(In-game plural: piles of orange and black Crimboween candy)
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Item number: 2220
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Obtained From

Linnea, the Scream Queen (Occurs with Tropical Crimbo Duds equipped)

When Used

You eat the candy. Actually, what you do is bang your teeth against the candy until a bunch of them fall out, then you throw the candy away.
Looseteeth.gifYou acquire an item: loose teeth
Hoppedup.gifYou acquire an effect: Sugar Rush
(duration: 5 Adventures)


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