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  • Menu Pane Options:
    • Top Menu Style
      • Icons | Drop-Downs | Links
    • Enable Quick Skills
  • Character Pane Options:
    • Use Compact Character Pane
    • Use Compact Effect Display (Might make icons look gross.)
    • Use Slim HP/MP/Meat/Adv Display (only applies in non-compact character pane)
    • Show Outfit on Character Pane
    • Display Familiar Below Effects
    • Display Fullness Counter (WARNING: Not funny.)
    • Display Quest Tracker in the Character Pane
    • Display PvP Fights Remaining in the Character Pane
    • Show effect replenishment arrows
    • Display <X> recently expired effects
    • Progress Bars:
      • Enable Level Progress Bar
      • Show Substats per Level instead of Stats
      • Enable Muscle Progress Bar
      • Enable Mysticality Progress Bar
      • Enable Moxie Progress Bar
      • Enable Familiar Progress Bar
  • Daily Reminder Options:
  • Miscellaneous Interface Options:
    • Show HP Restorers on Skills Page
    • Anchor Bookshelf Skills to Bottom of List
    • Show Clan Calendar in Chat Pane
    • Show Quest Nudge at Login
    • Remember the size of the character pane and chat
    • Disable "This area might be too tough for you" warnings
    • Automatically fast-forward all PvP fights
    • Use compact PvP mode
    • Pop up PvP Search


  • Inventory Options:
    • Show Inventory Images
    • Show 1h/2h Readout for Weapons
    • Show Individual Accessory Slot Equip Links
    • Sort Equipment By Power Instead of Name By Default
    • Confirm Discarding
    • Unequip Familiar Equipment when Unequipping All Equipment
    • Close All Inventory Sections By Default
    • Turn On Compact Autosale Mode
    • Turn On One-Click Crafting
    • Scroll the Inventory Page when Clicking
    • Turn On Eat/Drink Multiple
    • Turn On Three Column Inventory
    • Turn On Advanced Filtering and Sorting
    • Delay Loading of Collapsed Inventory Sections
    • Show up to <X> recently acquired items
  • Item Right Click Menu Options:
    • When right-clicking* items, give me the option to:
      • Auto-sell
      • Put in Closet
      • Sell in Mall
      • Add to Display Case
      • Add to Clan Stash
      • Add to Favorites (inventory only)
      • Default use/eat/drink/equip
      • Pulverize

*Or shift+left clicking.


  • Chat Options:
    • Chat Version
    • [Manage your Chat Macros]
    • [Manage your Chat Colors]
    • Show Clan Member Login Notifications
    • Enable Profanity (Disable filter)
    • Display Channel Name, even for the channel you are in
  • Tabbed Chat Options
    • Combine all channels in the main tab (only split out private messages) (requires chat restart)
    • Send events (green messages) to the active tab (requires chat restart)
    • Update the browser title with the unread message count
    • Show unread badges on tabs
    • Turn tabs pink when they have unread messages
    • Auto-Perform /who when a channel tab opens
    • Show timestamps
    • Place tabs below input
    • Modifier Key for Keyboard Commands
  • Player Right Click Menu
    • When right-clicking* player names, give me the option to:
      • Send Message
      • Send Gift
      • Propose Trade
      • Cast Buffs
      • Visit Mall Store
      • View Display Case
      • View Familiars
      • View Ascension Record
      • View Clan
      • Throw Brick
      • Throw Toilet Paper
      • Throw Cream Pie
      • Send Candy Heart
      • Sing a Carol
      • Perform /whois in chat
      • Send private message in chat
      • Add to contact list
      • Add to ignore list
      • Challenge to Alice's Army

*Or shift+left clicking.


  • Combat Options:
    • [Manage your Combat Macros]
    • Auto-Attack*

*This feature is disabled automatically when you ascend.

  • Enable auto-attack even against boss and special monsters
  • Enable Combat Action Bar
  • Display Monster Manuel information horizontally
  • Enable Endless Factoid Delight
  • Temporarily disable lovebugs


  • Account Options:
    • [Manage Subscriptions]
    • [Manage Your Contact / Ignore Lists]
    • [Make a Forum Sig or Avatar]
    • Choose your Timezone

If your character is under some sort of restriction, you may choose to drop it:

Forsake Ronin
Drop Hardcore
Drop Bad Moon
Drop <seasonal path>
Reset Ascension
  • Starting November 20, 2013 for 30 days, with a countdown in the button name:
Unperm Skills (XX days left)
    • The button takes (took) you to The Unpermery where you can (could) refund karma.
    • E-Mail Address:
      • Current E-mail address:
      • Change E-mail address to:
    • Change Password:
      • Old Password:
      • New Password:
      • Confirm New Password:
    • Last Logins:


  • Reset Ascension sends you straight to Valhalla. You will not have any opportunity to manage your mall store, pick up skills, and so on. If you want to do things before being reborn, you should drop restrictions first.
  • Reset Ascension is only available after 11 days and only after ascending at least once.


  • Profile Options:
    • Name Capitalization:
    • Age:
    • Location:
    • Website:
    • Gender
    • Quote
    • [Manage / View Your Tattoos]
    • [Manage Avatars]
    • [Manage Custom Titles]
    • Show profile decorations


  • Privacy Options:
    • When other players view my profile, display my:
      • Terrarium
      • Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie
      • HP & MP
      • Trophy Count
      • Tattoo Count
      • Meat
      • Favorite Food & Booze
      • Current Equipment
      • Permed Skills
      • Manuel Counts
      • Discovery Counts


Correspondence Options

  • Choose your Active Correspondent
    • PenPal
    • GameInformPowerDailyPro Magazine
    • Xi Receiver Unit
    • New-You Club