Oot to Lunch

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Oot to Lunch
Oot to Lunch

As you wander around the Camp Logging Camp -- wondering how the lumberjacks get any work done when they're constantly stopping for musical numbers -- You encounter a lumberjack and lumberjill having lunch together. They don't appear to have fetched a pail of water, but they do have a pretty decent spread.

"Oh, sorry, is our lunch break over, eh?" the lumberjack asks, when he spots you. "We'll be getting right back to work, sir." Looks like he's mistaken you for a lumberjack supervisor. They both take off before you can disabuse them of their mistaken notions.

You loot (lout?) the remains of their pic-a-nic, and hightail it before a real supervisor shows up.

You suddenly feel less lucky.

Baklava.gifYou acquire an item: balaclava baklava
Clearly.gifYou acquire an item: Blatantly Canadian
Poutine.gifYou acquire an item: poutine

Occurs in Camp Logging Camp while Lucky!