One Mahogany Nightstand

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One Mahogany Nightstand
One Mahogany Nightstand

Having beaten it until it stopped moving, you cautiously approach the nightstand.

Check the top drawer

Once per ascension:

You open the drawer and find a scrap of paper.

Halfmemo.gifYou acquire an item: half of a memo


You open the top drawer of the nightstand and find an old coin purse. Score!

Coinpurse.gifYou acquire an item: old coin purse

Check the bottom drawer

You open the bottom drawer, which reveals itself to be full of teeth. That's no drawer -- it's a mouth! And it bites you! And it hurts! Ouch! Jeez!

HPYou lose ?-91-? hit points.

Look under the nightstand
  • With Lord Spookyraven's spectacles equipped:
    Through Lord Spookyraven's glasses, you notice a strange green glow through the cracks in the floorboards. You move the nightstand out of the way and pull up a couple of the boards. Something's hidden under here!
    Seal Clubbers and Avatars of Boris receive:
Standard.gifYou acquire an item: tattered wolf standard
Standard.gifYou acquire an item: tattered snake standard
Book3.gifYou acquire an item: English to A. F. U. E. Dictionary
Music2.gifYou acquire an item: bizarre illegible sheet music
Just kidding. There wasn't anything hidden under there after all.
You don't see anything interesting underneath the nightstand.

Use a ghost key

You stick the ghost key into the space between the now-dead nightstand and the spirit that once inhabited it. As the key turns, you experience an entire lifetime's worth of memories -- loves, losses, but mostly yelling into telephones about stocks and bonds. It's kind of a boring lifetime. As the key concludes its arc, it vanishes as you snap back to reality.

Meat.gifYou gain ?-927-1,076-? Meat.

Ignore it

You decline to investigate the nightstand.

Occurs after defeating an animated mahogany nightstand in The Haunted Bedroom.


  • The appearance of the half of a memo in the top drawer appears to be random. It can happen on the first visit, but does not always. Needs spading.
  • If you are in a run such as plumber, vampyre, etc where you pick a different class after you free Ralf and you wish to obtain the quest item in aftercore you must not check for it prior to freeing Ralf.
Sm2 1a.gif
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One Nightstand in The Haunted Bedroom
Mahogany   Ornate   Rustic   Elegant   Simple  
Check the top drawer half of a memo or old coin purse Open the top drawer 400-600 Meat Check the top drawer 50-200 Roguishness Open the single drawer Lady Spookyraven's finest gown Look in the top drawer old leather wallet
Check the bottom drawer Lose HP Open the bottom drawer 50-200 Wizardliness Check the bottom drawer grouchy restless spirit or nothing Break a leg (off of the nightstand) elegant nightstick Look in the bottom drawer 50-200 Muscleboundness
Look under the nightstand Spookyraven Manor Quest Item Look behind the nightstand Lord Spookyraven's spectacles Investigate the jewelry Fight remains of a jilted mistress Use a ghost key 100 of each stat Use a ghost key 200 Strongness
Use a ghost key Gain meat Look under the nightstand disposable instant camera Use a ghost key 200 Chutzpah
Use a ghost key 200 Mysteriousness Check under the nightstand (rare) Engorged Sausages and You