One Crazy Random Summer (Adventure)

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Is there a limit to what items you will take with you

One Crazy Random Summer
One Crazy Random Summer

Your eyes snap open. Your surroundings come into focus. Is that... a dishwasher?

Yeah, it's a dishwasher. Its door suddenly falls open, revealing a purple monkey. What the...

You hear a rumble in the distance. You turn to look. It's an army of midgets, with helmets made of cheese and swords made of bacon.

Oh. Oh no. It's gonna be one of those summers...


You gather up your meager belongings and head out to meet your ridiculous destiny.

If you own any of these items:

Dicering.gifYou acquire some dice rings
Dicebuckle.gifYou acquire some dice belt buckles
Dicepants.gifYou acquire some pairs of dice-print pajama pants
Dicepack.gifYou acquire some dice-shaped backpacks
Dicerag.gifYou acquire some dice-print do-rags
Diceglasses.gifYou acquire some pairs of dice sunglasses
Killscreen.gifYou acquire an item: kill screen

Occurs when starting a run as One Crazy Random Summer.


  • This pulls all relevant gear from Hangk's. You may receive multiples of items in this way.