One Bucket

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One Bucket
One Bucket

"Seriously, though. I'm only doing this once. The next time you get this drunk, and the time after that, and all of the times after that, you are on your own.

Do you understand me?"

Yes, jeez! I get it!

The oriole pulls a bucket of ice water out from under his wing and douses you with it.

As he flies away, he warns you again that this is the only time he's ever going to do this for you.

HPYou lose 3 hit points. (cold damage)
You lose X Drunkenness.

You liked that bird better back when he wasn't so preachy.


  • The amount of drunkenness you lose is enough to bring you to 14 drunkenness total.


  • This adventure name, along with Two Birds, is a reference to the old saying 'killing two birds with one stone'.