One-Horse Open Slay

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
One-Horse Open Slay
One-Horse Open Slay

The death ray, predictably, self-destructs. Honestly, why do people insist on building self-destruct mechanisms into everything? It really robs you of the visceral joy of beating a piece of technology into tiny, tiny pieces. Anyway, you head down the hallway you explored yesterday. It's almost unrecognizable, now - bright sprigs of holly have sprouted everywhere, and appear to be growing straight out of the wall. You walk down the incongruous corridor (yeah, that's a band name too, I know) and through the door at the other side.

You hear footsteps and a strange jingling noise approaching you, so you duck behind a bulkhead. You see two cyborgs march past, both wearing biomechanical armor, both with uncomfortable-looking tubes running in and out of their skin. Oddly enough, they also appear to have grafted sleigh bells up and down each arm. The cyborgs jingle all the way down the corridor, and you'd swear you heard one of them laughing the entire time. Freaky, man.

As you sneak back out of the ship, you notice one of the cyborgs dropped the rear part of his sub-torsal armor. A joke about "laughing his ass off" pops into your head, but fortunately dies a quick and painful death.

Gluteal.gifYou acquire an item: silicon-infused gluteal shield

As you exit, the entrance hatch seals shut behind you and the entire ship powers down. Looks like it's going into power-save mode for the night.

Occurred in A Sinister Dodecahedron.


  • The last paragraph occurred only on the third day of Crimbo (Bor 3).


  • The adventure title, the grafted sleigh bells on the cyborgs, and the cyborgs' behavior all reference the Christmas song "Jingle Bells," which contains the lines "Dashing through the snow/In a one-horse open sleigh/O'er the fields we go/Laughing all the way."