On the Trail

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On the Trail

On the Trail

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. You're hunting wabbits. And by "wabbit" I mean "<monstername>."

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Effect number: 331
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Obtained From


Adds 3 copies per original copy of the Olfacted monster into the array of possible monsters in the zone. Normal Adventure Queue rejection does not occur on the Olfacted monster.

Monster Chances

The N column is the number of evenly distributed monsters in the Zone. For example, N=5 can refer to The Black Forest or Lair of the Ninja Snowmen. The Trailed Rate refers to the chance that a combat encounter will be the trailed monster, while On the Trail remains in effect. Overall Rate includes all combat turns with and without On the Trail.

These values were produced by Monte Carlo simulation (10 million turns) assuming a full 39 turns of On the Trail per sniff (i.e. a 100% combat rate). If there are noncombats in the zone as well, then those will make each sniff slightly less effective (not calculated).

Equal Encounter Rate Zones
N Untrailed Rate Trailed Rate Overall Rate
2 50.0% 88.00% 85.64%
3 33.3% 77.63% 73.84%
4 25.0% 68.72% 64.27%
5 20.0% 61.10% 56.43%
6 16.7% 54.70% 49.86%
7 14.3% 49.27% 44.35%
8 12.5% 44.64% 39.71%
9 11.1% 40.71% 35.75%
Unequal Encounter Rate Zones
Zone Monster Untrailed Rate Trailed Rate
The Hole in the Sky Astronomer 12.12% 40.48%
Others 9.76% 36.47%
The Icy Peak Knott Yeti or upgraded ram 38.00% 81.31%
Snow Queen 24.00% 68.51%
Degrassi Knoll Gnollish Gearhead 15.84% 55.87%
Others 10.52% 38.64%
The Airship Irritating Encounters 22.50% 68.07%
Others 15.50% 51.58%


  • In the effect description, <monstername> is the name of the monster being tracked.
  • Does not have any effect on Combat Frequency.
  • You can not effectively banish the trailed monster. Depending on which banishment source you use, it either sets rejection rate to 100% (which isn't checked), or it removes that particular copy of the monster (leaving the remaining copies unaffected).
  • This effect works across different areas. If you olfact a drunken half-orc hobo from the choice adventure in The Haunted Pantry, and then go to the Sleazy Back Alley, the drunken half-orc hobo will show up as expected with Olfaction's effect manipulating how things occur.
  • Due to being intrinsic, the effect cannot be removed until it is re-applied to a different monster (or until ascending).
  • If this effect is received from the ittah bittah hookah or from a Knob Göblin lòve potion, you will be on the trail of the last thing you sniffed. (If you haven't sniffed anything yet, the effect says "wabbits" for "<monstername>".)


  • Prior to August 15, 2013, this effect had this image: Footprints.gif It was changed after a suggestion on the radio show for that day, because it was confused with Smooth Movement.
  • Prior to January 1, 2022, the effect lasted for 40 adventures instead of being intrinsic. Transcendent Olfaction was also limited to 3 casts per day at this time, but could not be cast with On the Trail active. Similarly, the odor extractor was also unusable with On the Trail active.


  • The effect's description is based on some famous lines spoken by the character Elmer Fudd.

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