On a Downtown Train (Breakfast Counter)

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On a Downtown Train

On your way to the train, you stop off at the little breakfast counter built into the wall near the platform.

"Step right, up and be amazed," the proprietor bellows at you! "Don't be shy, let me show you the marvels of earthenware cookware!"

The proprietor runs through a several minute demonstration about earthenware cookware while you watch nervously for your train.

"... and on top of all that, it's made entirely of recycled material! Unfortunately, we're out, but if you have any materials, I'll make you some earthenware...You'll need 10 shovels of dirt and 10 hunks of granite. And if you have some earthenware, we'll bake you something in it for breakfast tomorrow!"

  • If you ordered a muffin today:

Looks like your order for a <muffin type> muffin is not yet ready.

  • If your last ordered a muffin in a previous ascension:

"Sorry, you placed your order a lifetime ago, so we had to throw out the actual baked good. Here's your earthenware cookware.

Earthmuffin.gifYou acquire an item: earthenware muffin tin
  • If you ordered a muffin on a previous day:

You spot your order from the other day, neatly labelled on the pickup shelf.

Earthmuffin3.gifYou acquire an item: blueberry muffin
Earthmuffin2.gifYou acquire an item: bran muffin
Earthpan3.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate chip muffin

Exchange 10 shovelfuls of dirt and 10 hunks of granite for an earthenware muffin tin!
Earthmuffin.gifYou acquire an item: earthenware muffin tin

"Excellent! Here's your muffin tin! Stop by any time to order a muffin!"

  • With 1 or more earthenware muffin tins and if you have not already ordered a muffin today:
Order a blueberry muffin
Order a bran muffin
Order a chocolate chip muffin

(no message is shown when ordering a muffin)

Back to the Platform!

Occurs as a choice from On a Downtown Train.


  • The Breakfast Counter can be visited with no Adventures remaining.
  • The muffins available from the Breakfast Counter provide the following effects:
Muffin When eaten Unique effect
Earthmuffin3.gif blueberry muffin 4-5 adv
~150 to each substat
1 fullness

If eaten as first food of day:

Started Your Day Right (10)
+3 Stats Per Fight
+25% to All Attributes

All Blued Up (25)

+60% Meat from Monsters
Regenerate 2-3 MP per Adventure
Regenerate 5-10 HP per Adventure

Earthmuffin2.gif bran muffin All Branned Up (25)

+40% Item Drops from Monsters
Regenerate 5-7 MP per Adventure

Earthpan3.gif chocolate chip muffin All Chipped Up (25)

+30% Meat from Monsters
+20% Item Drops from Monsters
Regenerate 4-5 MP per Adventure
Regenerate 3-6 HP per Adventure


A Monorail Station
Lyle's Office