Oliver's Place

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Oliver's Place is a speakeasy located on the Wrong Side of the Tracks. It can be accessed by having signed the deed to Oliver's Place.

Fancy DanThe BouncerAn Unusually Quiet Barroom BrawlA Scratched-Up TableEXITA PianoA Pool TableA Plaque (Conspicuous)A Milky-Eyed SotOliversplace.gif

The Speakeasy contains:

The plaque currently reads: Oliver's Place
Fancy Dan notices you checking out the plaque.
"I guess we ought to change the name, since... Well, Oliver's Place is no longer Oliver's place."
"Well, you could go traditional, and just call it <your name>'s Place."
"Or something hip like... The Purple Door."
"Or something incisive and Avant-Garde like... I dunno, Noblesse Oblige."

Let's call it:

I'm good with the name for now.

  • The Bouncer

You ask the bouncer why he isn't breaking up that brawl over there.

He just puts his finger to his lips and goes "Shhhhhh.".

  • A Scratched-Up Table

There are myriad little drawings and profanities scratched into the top of this table. One graffito in particular stands out:

  • A Piano

The piano doesn't do anything, because this bar doesn't have sound.

  • A Pool Table

You're not confident enough in your pool prowess to play in an unfamiliar place like this.

  • First time per day:

People don't come here to play pool, and it really shows in their skill level.
You manage to hustle various bystanders and passers-by out of quite a bit of Meat.

Meat.gifYou gain 5X Pool Skill +50?, max 1,000 Meat.
  • Subsequent visits:

You've already bilked these amateurs out of as much Meat as they can stand to lose in one day. Maybe tomorrow's crowd will walk in with heavier pockets.


  • Clicking on the Conspicuous Plaque lets you change the name of the zone, which affects what its name is at The Wrong Side of the Tracks and the container zone. No matter what the name is changed to, chat commands will direct you to /go speakeasy.