Old school flying disc

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old school flying disc
old school flying disc

Sadly, this little guy has seen his last trip through the seaside air -- being embedded in the Slime has completely petrified it. Not in the "terrified" sense, but in the "turned to stone" one. On the bright side, it's durable, it's not too heavy, and it's about the right size to use as a shield.

Type: off-hand item (shield)
Damage Reduction: 14
Muscle Required: 200
(can also be used in combat)
Selling Price: 800 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Muscle +15%
Damage Reduction: 10
+5 to Familiar Weight

(In-game plural: old school flying discs)
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Item number: 4119
Description ID: 940588617
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Obtained From

medium slimy cyst (0-1)

When Used

You make like a statue of a guy with a discus, and hurl the stone frisbee as hard as you can. <Familiar name> chases after it, tongue (or tongue-like appendage) flopping out happily.
  • 1-3 rounds later:
The flying disc completes its wobbly flight. Your opponent reaches out to catch it, but he misses and it bonks him in the head, dealing 1000-5000 damage.


  • For a brief time after this item's discovery, the description also read:
[Jick: Code to do 1000-5000 damage, 1-3 rounds later. It'd be narratively nice if it mentioned your familiar by name when you throw it up in the air, like he wanted to chase after it, but you caution him not to, or something... (Ie, the +5 familiar weight enchant)]
  • Was previously named "old-school flying disc", with a hyphen. This was changed some time around January 30, 2017 to line up with other items like the old school Mafia knickerbockers.

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