Ol' Scratch's salad fork

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Ol' Scratch's salad fork
Ol' Scratch's salad fork

This is a very small, very hot pitchfork. You could use it to toss some very small, very heat-resistant hay around, or you could use it for its intended purpose, which is eatin'.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Ol' Scratch's salad forks)
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Obtained From

Burnbarrel Blvd.
Ol' Scratch

Adventure Gains

  • For salads, increases adventure and stat gains by 50%, rounded up.
  • For all other foods, increases adventure and stat gains by 30%, rounded up.

When Used

  • With no food in inventory:
You haven't got anything to eat.
  • With food in inventory:
Fork in hand, you look over your inventory, trying to decide what to eat.

Select an item: <drop-down list of all your food items>

Fork it over
  • Upon choosing food item when in Hotform
Try as you might, you can't seem to pick up or manipulate this fork while you're in Hotform. Ever tried to pick up something while your hand is numb? Same principle.
  • Upon choosing food item, when 1,000 hot damage would reduce you to zero HP:
You stick the fork into the <food> and raise it to your mouth.
HPYou lose 1,000 hit points. (hot damage)

Yeeeeow! Too hot! Too hot!

  • Upon choosing food item otherwise:
You stick the fork into the <food> and raise it to your mouth.
HPYou lose 1,000 hit points. (hot damage)

You eat the now piping-hot <food> -- it's sizzlicious! The salad fork cools, and you discard it.

AdventuresYou gain some Adventures.
You gain some Strengthliness.
You gain some Magicalness.
You gain some Smarm.
(You gain some Fullness.)


  • The fork is not independent of milk and munchies. Order of effects is munchies, then fork, then milk.
  • The amount of damage taken scales based on Hot Resistance.
  • If you are reduced to zero HP by attempting to use this item, it gives you four adventures of Beaten Up.
  • The salad fork is consumed along with the item eaten (when successful).


Hot Resistance Damage Taken
1 900
2 800
3 700
4 600
5 516
6 447.2
7 389.4
8 341.1
9 300.9
10 267.4
11 239.5
12 216.3
13 196.9
14 180.8
15 167.3

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