Oil Be Seeing You

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Oil Be Seeing You
Oil Be Seeing You

You encounter a G Imp lying on the ground, asleep. You've always heard you should let sleeping G Imps lie, so you try to sneak past, but you step on a twig, which snaps like a rifle shot.

The G Imp sits bolt upright, spots you, and you prepare to throw down. Instead of attacking, however, he looks around to make sure no one's watching, then extends a hand for you to shake.

You shrug and shake his hand, then turn to leave. He blocks your way and holds his arms wide for a hug. You try to figure out what he's thinking, but it's impossible to read an expression underneath his leather mask. You decide giving him a hug is better than having him try to whip you.

He nods, bows, points to himself, points to you, and gives a thumbs up. You return the thumbs-up and try to get away again, but no matter which way you turn, he gets in front of you.

He pulls out a bottle of vegetable oil, points at you, and gives the thumbs-up again. Before you can respond, he pours half the bottle over your head, then half the bottle over his. Then he spreads his arms for another hug.

Gah, man. You knock him over and slip-slide your way away from him, wondering how many showers it will take you to get clean.

Slimed.gifYou acquire an effect: Basted
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at Pandamonium Slums (Bad Moon only).