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Official seal
Monster ID 1442
Locations A Yawning Abyssal Portal
Hit Points 300
Attack 110
Defense 110
Initiative 70
Meat None
Phylum demon
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts head, torso
boiling seal blood, scabrous seal epaulets, abyssal battle plans
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
official seal You're fighting an official seal

You approach the portal and find yourself face to face with an important-looking Infernal seal -- it's bedecked with medals (which appear to be pinned directly to its skin -- gross!) and wearing a fancy military hat (no, wait, that's just what its head is shaped like -- double gross!) and a dressy red uniform (which, as it turns out, is 100% scabs. I give up.)

It opens its mouth, and instead of the stream of profanities you normally expect from Infernal seals, you are instead treated to a stream of rapidly-clotting blood.

Hit Message(s):

It picks a scab off of its back and hurls it at you like a disgusting shuriken. Oof! Ouch! Oof! Argh! (sleaze damage)

It belches a spray of blood onto your <throat>. The blood is surprisingly hot! Oof! Ooh! Ooh! Eek! (hot damage)

Miss Message(s):

It moves to attack you, but gets distracted and starts picking at one of its scabs.

It belches a spray of blood toward your <knee>, but it clots into a harmless but disgusting puff of powdered scabs before it hits you.

After Combat

Blooddrop.gifYou acquire an item: boiling seal blood (?% chance)*
Epaulets.gifYou acquire an item: scabrous seal epaulets (?% chance)*
Plans.gifYou acquire an item: abyssal battle plans

Occurs in A Yawning Abyssal Portal.