Official Seal of Dreadsylvania

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Official Seal of Dreadsylvania
Official Seal of Dreadsylvania

This seal, which goes on your skin (because it is, in reality, a temporary tattoo) is bestowed on the most honored visitors to Dreadsylvania.

In case you're wondering, Dreadsylvanians base the honoredness of guests on how much money they spend at the Terrified Eagle Inn. The wheels of the local economy need grease, y'know!

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Official Seals of Dreadsylvania)
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Item number: 6425
Description ID: 158915306
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Obtained From

The Terrified Eagle Inn (1,000 Freddy Kruegerands)

When Used

You lick the seal, slap it on your forearm, and get the key to the city!
Dvinntat.gif You have unlocked a new tattoo.
  • If you already have the tattoo:
You've already got one of those tattoos on. You should give this one to somebody who will appreciate it more. (this should probably never happen.)


  • Despite the usage message when you already have the tattoo, you cannot give this item to somebody else because it is untradeable. This is most likely because that is the default message when the game attempts to actually give you the tattoo — e.g. does not check first to see if you have it.


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