Ode to Booze

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Ode to Booze

Ode to Booze

Having this song stuck in your head makes you feel like you enjoy drinking more than most people do. Alcoholic beverages will give you marginally more adventures.

Booze tastes even more delicious!

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Effect number: 71
Description ID: 626c8ef76cfc003c6ac2e65e9af5fd7a
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Obtained From


  • Gives more adventures when drinking booze.
  • When drinking with Ode active, each point of drunkenness the booze gives reduces the duration of this effect by 1 turn and grants one additional adventure.
  • This effect does not grant adventures when drinking booze that does not grant adventures, such as steel margarita or used beer, nor does drinking such booze reduce the duration of this effect. This is also true of items that give drunkenness but are not booze, such as Yummy Tummy beans, 668 scrolls, drunki-bears (red, green, or yellow), or Dungeons of Doom potions.