Odd silver coin

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odd silver coin
odd silver coin

This silver coin features the face of a monarch that you feel like you should recognize, but you don't. It certainly isn't King Ralph. Must be foreign.

Well, if you can't find someone who'll accept weird foreign currency, maybe you can sell it to a collector. Or use it as a cheap vending machine slug.

Selling Price: 55 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: odd silver coins)
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Item number: 7144
Description ID: 809302450
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Obtained From

The Prince's Ball
The Prince's Ball (At the Canapés Table)
The Prince's Ball (In the Restroom)
The Prince's Ball (On the Balcony)
The Prince's Ball (On the Dance Floor)
The Prince's Ball (The Kitchen)
The Prince's Ball (The Lounge)


  • This item has a [spend] link. Clicking it takes you to Paul's Boutique, where it's used as currency.
  • A script to farm silver coins can be found in this thread on the AFH forums.


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