Oceanic Island Survivalist Guide

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Confirm jungle pun quest strategy, item drop mechanics.

This is a basic guide to exploring the mysteries of Conspiracy Island.


There are three shops located in The Conspiracy Island Bunker, and the only currency accepted is Coinspiracy.

The shops are initially locked and are unlocked via keycards obtained after spending 40-50 turns in each of the island's three adventuring zones. Shops are locked again on ascension.


Players may obtain one quest per day from A Radio on a Beach. While the quests that give 20 Coinspiracy are repeatable, the quests awarding 30 Coinspiracy are each available only once. The availability of these quests are not reset on ascension and can be reset only by activating the omega device at the Mysterious Control Panel. See the section below for details.

  • Deep Dark Jungle quests
  • Mansion of Dr. Weirdeaux quests
  • Secret Government Laboratory quests
    • Choking on the Rind (Reward 30 Coinspiracy) - Every 20? adventures in the lab, you will encounter The Containment Unit in which you must navigate a series of five left and right doors. The correct sequence is left, left, right, left, right; this is spelled out by the "Lima" and "Romeo" sequence heard in the questgiver's radio transmission, which can be heard in full by repeatedly hitting the "Keep Listening" or "Reply" choices. Successfully completing this noncombat leads you into combat against E.V.E., the robot zombie.
    • Fake Medium at Large (Reward 30 Coinspiracy) - Every 20? adventures in the lab, you will encounter a noncombat from which you can obtain the ESP suppression collar if you choose the correct card five times. (See Paranormal Test Lab for the method of selecting the correct card.)
    • Gore Tipper (Reward 20 Coinspiracy) - Equip the provided gore bucket and collect 100 pounds of gore from monsters in the lab. Increased meat drop will increase gore collection, but familiar-derived bonus meat drops do not count.


The Mercenary of Fortune is the only monster on the island that drops Coinspiracy. It uses a non-standard drop mechanic, and its drop rate diminishes based on the number of Coinspiracy that have already dropped from them that day. Each monster in this zone also has an extremely rare item drop, estimated to be a 1/1000th rate, which is not affected by Item Drops.

Mysterious Control Panel

A Mysterious Control Panel is located in The Conspiracy Island Bunker. The first nine buttons toggle "experimental protocols" that increase the monster level and unlock item drops from enemies in The Secret Government Laboratory. Only one protocol can be toggled per day. All protocols are initially inactive and are reset to inactive on ascension.

The omega (Ω) button displays the current charge level of the omega device, which increases by 11% each time any protocol is toggled, regardless of whether the protocol is switched on or off. Upon exceeding 100% (after ten toggles of protocols) and pressing the omega button, the omega device discharges, resetting the availability of all quests and deactivating all protocols.

Elemental International Airport (Duty Free Shop)
Spring Break Beach
Conspiracy Island
That 70s Volcano
The Glaciest