Obligatory Mascot Cameo

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Obligatory Mascot Cameo
Obligatory Mascot Cameo

So you're whiling away the hours, killing hundreds of identical enemies one at a time and whistling along with the victory music, when suddenly: zot! You've been hit by some kind of ray and/or beam! You scream in anguish as your bones and muscles compress to a third of your normal height and white fur sprouts from your skin with a sensation like burning gasoline jelly. Your back spasms and then bursts as two batlike wings unfold from beneath your shoulder-blades to the sound of tearing skin and ligaments. Finally, a cute pink pom-pom sprouts out of the top of your head with a little *pop* noise.

You've been turned into some kind of lovable, marketable plush toy. The horror!

Stuffcocoa.gifYou acquire an effect: Synthesized
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Penultimate Fantasy Airship (Bad Moon only).


  • Only occurs after obtaining the S.O.C.K..


  • The batlike wings, the white fur, the small size, and the pink pom-pom are all common features of the Moogles in the Final Fantasy Series.
  • Being "moogled" is a status effect in many games in or related to the Final Fantasy series.