O Turtle Were Art Thou

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Exact condition for failed taming.

O Turtle Were Art Thou
O Turtle Were Art Thou

You hear a snarl from behind a nearby bush, and whirl about to face its source.

Oh no! It's a horrifying wereturtle!

T... T... Tame it?

You approach the turtle slowly and cautiously. Turns out you needn't have bothered -- that wasn't a snarl you heard earlier, it was a snore. You grab the turtle and pocket it.

Turtle.gifYou acquire an item: sleeping wereturtle


You've taken only one step toward the fearsome beast before it lets out an eerie howl and bounds off into the undergrowth.

Occurs at The Spooky Forest as a Turtle Tamer.


  • This encounter does not consume an adventure.


  • The adventure name is a reference to the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?