O Goblin, Where Art Thou?

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O Goblin, Where Art Thou?
O Goblin, Where Art Thou?

Once again, you trip over a rock, hit your head on a larger rock, and when you wake up you've been pressed into service on the Knob Goblin chain gang. When will you learn to watch where you're going?

You're chained to two Knob Goblins. The one in the middle of your trio is handsome and debonair (well, handsome as a Goblin can be): he has a pencil-thin moustache, carefully pomaded salt-and-pepper hair, and a habit of winking whenever he speaks. By contrast, the other Goblin is rail-thin, has deep-set eyes, and looks a little like a constipated rooster.

"Hey," the handsome Goblin says to you. "My associate and I are endeavoring to engage in an unauthorized egress from this unpleasant situation. However, the untimely replacement of the third member of our trio with you puts somewhat of a kibosh on our plans."

"Oh, no problem there," you say, having carefully translated the Goblin's southern-accented loquacity, "I'm just as eager to escape as anyone."

"Very well," the Goblin replies. "But our third compatriot possessed unique qualities that are incorporated into the plan. First, he was not photogenic, telegenic, or indeed attractive to the naked eye." He rubs some mud on your face and messes up your hair.

"Second, he was not possessed of a philosophical or intellectual nature." The Goblin picks up a rock and smacks you on the back of your head. You feel your perceptions shrink a little.

"Finally, given those qualities, he was more than happy to do all of the grunt work for those of us possessed of those qualities he lacked." The Goblin hands you the extra six feet of chain looped around the three of you. It's surprisingly heavy. "Perfect! Now, the plan is to run as fast as we can that way."

You follow the daring plan and escape, thoroughly immersing yourself in the role of the ignorant stooge.

Cuffs.gifYou acquire an effect: Minioned
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at Outskirts of Cobb's Knob (Bad Moon only).


  • This adventure is a reference to the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? with the handsome, pomaded goblin representing Ulysses Everett McGill. The adventurer is apparently replacing Delmar, who in the movie is the dim-witted, simple member of the trio.