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Nuclear Autumn is the Autumn 2016 special challenge path, introduced on August 15, 2016. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads, "The rest of the planet was very recently destroyed by nuclear war, and the Kingdom is experiencing the very early stages of the apocalypse.."


  • You may only consume size 1 foods, booze and spleen items. Trying to consume any larger items results in this message:
Your mutated throat is too narrow for a meal that big.
Your mutated throat is too narrow to swallow that much booze. Try something smaller.
That item is too intense for your mutated endocrine system to handle.
Consumables larger than your total capacity (e.g. eating a size 4 or larger food) will give their standard "too full / too drunk / spleen toxins" messages.
Your mutant metabolism wouldn't be able to process that stuff.
  • The Feast of Boris does not grant additional fullness:
    Today is the Feast of Boris.
    But you're not in the mood to celebrate during nuclear autumn


  • Permanent skills are not available.
  • Attempting to use an item that teaches a skill gives the message: "You can't read this because the radiation burned off all of the ink."


You approach the door of the market and find that it's boarded up. You sigh in frustration as you kick a rock, but then you whoop with excitement as you realize that there were some forged documents hidden under the rock you just kicked!
Documents.gifYou acquire an item: forged identification documents
  • Some opponents have the adjective "mutant" added to them. These monsters have +20% attack, defense, and HP, and their image is replaced by one of the following:

Mutie1.gif Mutie2.gif Mutie3.gif Mutie4.gif Mutie5.gif Mutie6.gif Mutie7.gif Mutie8.gif Mutie9.gif Mutie10.gif Mutie11.gif Mutie12.gif Mutie13.gif

Fallout Shelter

The Campground is replaced with Your Fallout Shelter which has up to 8 floors. Each Normal run unlocks one more floor, and each Hardcore run unlocks two.


Players begin the path with two skills, dependent on class:

Class Passive Skill Combat Skill (5 MP)
Seal Clubber
Hskin.gif Extra-Thick Skin
Reduces physical damage against you by 20%
Krakfist.gif Comically Oversized Fist
Deals physical damage and briefly stuns foes
Turtle Tamer
Blackheart.gif Overactive Pheromones
+10 to Familiar Weight
Snapper.gif Dislocatable Jaw
Deals physical damage
Lightning.gif Aluminum Nerves
Regenerate 8-10 MP per Adventure
String.gif Noodly Arms
Deals physical damage
Sebashield.gif Self-Lubricating Feet
+20% Combat Initiative
Vampirefangs.gif Hollow Canines
Deal physical damage and heal you
Disco Bandit
Dance3.gif Two Right Feet
+10% Item Drops from Monsters
Dv freddyglove.gif Finger Knives
Deal physical damage and weaken your enemy
Accordion Thief
Realbrain.gif Double-Eidetic Memory
+10% to all Muscle Gains
+10% to all Mysticality Gains
+10% to all Moxie Gains
Brokenflute.gif Ultrasonic Ululations
Deals physical damage

Additional skills may be acquired by mutating rads that drop from combat.

Rad Sickness

Unfortunately, the nuclear annihilation world is only the start of your problems, as you're left to deal with the fallout - figuratively and literally. As you fight monsters, you'll gradually accumulate Rad Sickness, which reduces your stats.

  • Winning a fight against a monster will increase your level of Rad Sickness.
  • The amount of Rad Sickness you accrue per fight is based on the number of turns you've spent this given ascension. Fights start giving 0 Rad Sickness, and the number increases by 1 for every 50 adventures thus far spent. For example, if you've played 210 adventures in this particular run, you'll be gaining 4 Rad Sickness per fight.
  • The maximum amount of Rad Sickness after combat is 9 at turn 450
  • Each point of Rad Sickness reduces your buffed Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie by 1 point.
  • Rad Sickness can be cured by resting in your Cryo-Sleep Chamber, located in your Fallout Shelter, using the Clan VIP hot tub or by consuming a bottle of Rad-B-Gone.
  • You can block Rad Sickness gain entirely through use of Rad-Pro or a lead umbrella.


On the bright side, not all of the radiation is strictly bad. Winning combat against monsters also grants you rads, which can be used to purchase various skills.

  • You'll acquire (1+X) rad from every fight where X is floor((total fights this run)/50).
  • Rads from combat are capped at 10 at turn 450.
  • The Protonic accelerator pack will occasionally drop additional rads after combat (~25%).
Name Type Price Effect
Doublewater.gif Boiling Tear Ducts Combat
10 MP
30 Hot damage
Raindrop.gif Projectile Salivary Glands Combat
10 MP
30 Sleaze damage
Glass.gif Translucent Skin Combat
10 MP
30 Spooky damage
Stench.gif Skunk Glands Combat
10 MP
30 Stench damage
Snowflake.gif Throat Refrigerant Combat
10 MP
30 Cold damage
Eggsac.gif Steroid Bladder Buff
30 MP
60 +50% Muscle
Strboost.gif Extra Muscles Passive 90 +50% Muscle
Sebashield.gif Magic Sweat Buff
60 Damage Absorption +100
Damage Reduction: 10
Spiral.gif Flappy Ears Buff
60 +2 resistance to all elements
Glueglob.gif Adipose Polymers Passive 90 Damage Absorption +100
Damage Reduction: 10
Pittedmetal.gif Metallic Skin Passive 90 +2 resistance to all elements
Spiral.gif Hypno-Eyes Passive 90 +50% Moxie
Toupee.gif Self-Combing Hair Buff
30 MP
60 +50% Moxie
Eyeball.gif Intracranial Eye Buff
30 MP
60 +50% Mysticality
Sixshooter.gif Mind Bullets Combat
10 MP
60 Stuns opponent
Birdbrain.gif Extra Brain Passive 90 +50% Mysticality
Cloaca.gif Internal Soda Machine Noncombat 30 Spend 20 meat to recover 10 MP
Kidney.gif Extra Kidney Passive 60 +100% Adventures from booze
Bladder.gif Extra Gall Bladder Passive 60 +100% adventures from food

The Gene-Sequencing Laboratory on level 6 of Your Fallout Shelter allows you to get additional skills:

Name Type Price Effect
Ears.gif Magnetic Ears Buff
10 MP
90 +15% Items from Monsters
Gnollplunger.gif Sucker Fingers Passive 120 +15% Items from Monsters
Wink.gif Extremely Punchable Face Buff
30 MP
90 +30 ML
Bulb.gif Firefly Abdomen Buff
30 MP
90 +10% combat rate
Spring.gif Bone Springs Buff
30 MP
90 +20% Combat Initative
Inkwell.gif Squid Glands Buff
30 MP
90 -10% combat rate
Knee.gif Backwards Knees Passive 120 +20% Combat Initative




  • The name of this path is a play on nuclear winter.
  • The intro adventure, path reward, and new campground are all references to the Fallout videogame series.
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