Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter IV

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Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter IV
Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter IV

This is the fourth volume in the chronicles of woes that befell the Pork Elves' moon colonies. As the saying goes, there's no correlation between archery prowess and fitness for space exploration. This volume was written by an elf with a very developed sense of the irony of the situation.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 100 Meat.

(In-game plural: copies of Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter IV)
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Obtained From

Domed City of Ronaldus
Unlikely survivor

When Used

After the generator we were fine. We were golden. We could do no wrong. We built worlds inside worlds. We tripped through time and space. As long as we had that shield nothing could touch us.

So of course there was a comet. And of course the comet hit Grimace and not Ronald. What else was it gonna do? And of course it knocked loose a huge chunk of the moon. And of course that chunk had the generator on it. So we all started mutating again. So it goes.

You feel a little wiser and stronger for having read that.

HPYou gain 34? hit points.
MPYou gain 34? Mana Points.


  • The use of the term "So it goes..." is a reference to Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse Five, and the phrase that is constantly repeated to explain the continuity of life and inalterableness of the past.
  • So of course the usage text is talking about The Comet.


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