Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter III

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Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter III
Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter III

This is the third chapter in a thorough exploration of how the world went to crap up in the Pork Elves' moon colony. You can tell some of the younger elves took over writing this, as the older elves were the first to start mutating.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 100 Meat.

(In-game plural: copies of Notes from the Elfpocalypse, Chapter III)
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Obtained From

Domed City of Grimacia
Whiny survivor

When Used

And so Staceyborn Sciencedoer put this slide show together, and we were all, "tl;dr," so she goes, "okay, so there's all kinds of intergalactic radiation bombarding us all the time here, and so we're all turning into freaks, okay?"

So Cheryldriel Elder, she goes, "well, what are we gonna do about it?" and Staceyborn was all, "whatever, I'm a theoretical scientist, lady."

And then Barryrond Shieldgeneratorbuilder stands up, and he goes, "now I get it! My family name at last makes sense!

So we built this, like, wicked big generator on Grimace, and it put out some shield that totally shielded all of us, and we stopped growing extra arms and junk. It was rad.

You feel a little wiser and stronger for having read that.

HPYou gain 38-40? hit points.
MPYou gain 30-37? Mana Points.



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