Note from Clancy

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note from Clancy
note from Clancy

This is a note written in Clancy's unmistakable pig latin (get it?), with a little trotter-mark at the bottom as a signature.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: note from Clancys)
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Item number: 5682
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Obtained From

Letter from King Ralph XI (After having enough Boris skill points by level 13 to complete all skill trees in the previous ascension)

When Used

  • Outside an Avatar of Boris run:
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You read Clancy's note: "Most kind, generous, brave, and sexy $playername:

Thy most fervent dedication to embodying the Avatar of Boris was inspiring, and thou didst verily succeed in impersonating him to a fearful degree. As thanks for bringing his spirit to life again, I have asked a powerful wizard to enchant this scroll. Reading it will imbue thee with one of Boris's skills; albeit made weaker so it doth not destroy thy mortal form. Shouldst thou require my assistance again, seek me out in my realm.

My straw and wood houses have blown over, so find me in the brick one. Fairest regards, Clancy." You feel a tingling that starts in your lungs and spreads to your entire body. Then you start feeling like you'd like a sandwich.

You acquire a skill: Sammich.gif Request Sandwich
(This skill has automatically been marked Hardcore Permanent.)

  • During an Avatar of Boris run:
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Boris didn't like to read.
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Jarlsberg didn't read fiction.
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  • If you already have this skill:
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You already know how to request a sandwich.


  • Requires having at least 17 bonus points for ascending as Avatar of Boris (17 normal, 9 Hardcore, or any combination which gives 17 points). You will receive the Note after ascending.
  • This will continue to drop in the letter until it is used; future ascensions will not have the note in the letter.


  • The straw, wood, and brick houses are a reference to the fairy tale Three Little Pigs.


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