Non-stick pugil stick

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non-stick pugil stick
non-stick pugil stick

This is a long stick with a big weighted lump on either end of it. It's great for fighting on tightropes, or logs above waterfalls, or short-lived television shows about gladiators. And the teflon coating on the weights means it's a snap to clean the blood and teeth off of it when you're done!

Type: weapon (2-handed club)
Damage: 20 - 40
Muscle Required: 85
Selling Price: 125 Meat.

Muscle +10%
Weapon Damage +10%
On Critical: Stuns Opponent

(In-game plural: non-stick pugil sticks)
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Item number: 3709
Description ID: 739258319
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Club.gif decaying wooden pole teflon ore
Equals.gif non-stick pugil stick


Your opponent is dazed by your mighty blow
  • On the last round the stun is active:
Your opponent seems to come to her senses.
  • Stuns for one round of combat. Unless some other stunning item is in effect, you will see both messages on the same attack.

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