No Corn, Only Thorns

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No Corn, Only Thorns

Off in the distance, you can see what can only be the Great Tree that Marty was talking about. It grows straight and tall in the middle of the swamp, and it almost seems like the other trees are so gnarled and twisted because of shame.

As you begin to head toward it, though, an eerie howl starts up from somewhere nearby -- a stream of angry rhythmic gibberish that must be one of the beaver shamans (shamen? whatever). The voice is joined by another, and another, and as the noise starts to get really annoying, a thick wall of thorny brambles suddenly sprouts out of the ground.

You turn to find a similar impenetrable wall behind you, but fortunately you aren't boxed in -- there's a passage heading off to one side. You follow the path for a ways, and come to an intersection; it appears that the beavers have grown a thorny hedge maze around you.

I guess it was considerate of them to trap you in a maze instead of just a box? Or to just crush you with solid brambles. Seems a bit extravagant, though.

(if you have the shrunken navigator head)

You take the shrunken navigator head out of your pack and hold him up by his hair. He spins around for a bit, then comes to rest facing <direction>.

  • After choosing the correct choice once:

You make your way down the bramble-lined pathway, careful to keep your clothes (and bodyparts) away from the giant needle-sharp thorns -- impalement was definitely not on your to-do list today. Eventually, you come to another intersection.

(if you have the shrunken navigator head)

You hold up the navigator head again. This time, he spins around to face <direction>.

  • After choosing the correct choice twice:

The path of brambles meanders for quite a while before you come to another intersection. Unfortunately, the walls are too high to tell if you're getting closer to the Great Tree, and the maze has turned you around too much to rely on your sense of direction. It's possible that you're heading right back to Camp Logging Camp, although the lumberjacks would probably have noticed a huge wall of brambles suddenly appearing.

(if you have the shrunken navigator head)

Your shrunken navigator head buddy rotates to indicate <direction>.

  • After choosing the correct choice thrice:

You head down the path, grumbling about mazes. Why is it always mazes? Although, it could have been worse -- there's no jumping or climbing, and you aren't being forced to collect different-colored keys.

(if you do not have the shrunken navigator head)

Okay, you're pretty sure you're lost. Stupid swamp beavers and their wily swamp beaver tricks! If only you had some kind of magical navigational aid...

(if you have the shrunken navigator head)

The shunken head turns to face <direction>, and blinks excitedly. Does that mean you're near the exit? You could practically kiss your portable maze-solving friend, except for ick.

  • After choosing all four correct choices:

The path before you opens back into the swamp, and you can see the trunk of the Great Tree! You've made it!

"Way to go, buddy!" you say to the shrunken navigator head, who replies with a grin and a raspy "Woohoo!" You start to hold up your hand for a celebratory high-five, but uh, yeah. So you just head down the path and out of the maze instead.

And then...
conservationist hippy This monster is a Hippy -- (edit metadata)
  • After choosing the wrong choice:

The bramble maze comes to an end, releasing you back into the swamp. Hooray, swamp! You never thought you'd be happy to see it.

Unfortunately, as the thorny walls writhe and retract back into the mud, it becomes clear that you haven't come any closer to the Great Tree. In fact, you're back at the entrance to the swamp beavers' territory.

Stupid jerk beavers!


  • At each choice, you have the option to move in any of the four cardinal directions, with these buttons:
Go north.
Go east.
Go south.
Go west.
  • The path through the maze is randomized each time you encounter this non-combat, so attempting to map it is futile.
  • The shrunken navigator head will always point in the right direction. If you do not have it and you manage to guess correctly for the first three choices, the fourth choice will only give you three directions and send you back to the swamp.

Occurs at Swamp Beaver Territory.