Ninja pirate zombie robot head

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ninja pirate zombie robot head
ninja pirate zombie robot head

This is the head of a ninja, a pirate, a zombie, and a robot, giving you four decapitations in one. Value!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: ninja pirate zombie robot heads)
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Item number: 1359
Description ID: 959802882
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Flange.gif cog flange sprocket   flange spring sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork widget flange spring clockwork doohickey cog sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork clockwise dome clockwork counterclockwise dome clockwork key Wad.gif eyepatch lihc eye  
Wad.gif clockwork sphere enchanted eyepatch  
Wad.gif clockwork pirate skull zombie pineal gland  
Wad.gif pirate zombie head glowing red eye  
Wad.gif pirate zombie robot head cold ninja mask
Equals.gif ninja pirate zombie robot head

When Used

  • Without necessary items:
The ninja pirate zombie robot head's single red eye comes to life, and looks around. Unable to find enough parts to assemble a proper body, the head deactivates.
The ninja pirate zombie robot head's single red eye comes to life, and looks around. It rolls up to a clockwork spine, and attaches itself to it at the neck. The resultant snakelike thing slithers over to a cheap toaster, and connects it to the bottom of the spine.

It then rolls around in pine tar, and attaches a couple of bones to its left side. It repeats this for the right side, and then attaches a clockwork claw to each arm.

Gears whir and bones grind as the thing picks up the Chest of the Bonerdagon and attaches it to the front of its spine. It then grabs a couple more wads of pine tar, and uses them to attach two spiked femurs to the toaster.

Fully constructed, the skeleton grabs a handful of disembodied brains, and casually munches on them as it sews a ninja outfit out of a couple of clockwork sheets.

Glancing at its new threads, it beeps approvingly. It loads its pockets with frigid ninja stars, teeny-tiny ninja stars, and a star throwing star, before grabbing an icy-hot katana with one hand and a blundarrrbuss with the other.

Npzr.gifYou acquire an item: ninja pirate zombie robot



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