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This is no longer the lucky adventure, but was there an additional way added to obtain these items? (Aside from the previously existing methods)


In the Haunted Kitchen, you find one of those weird refrigerators with the demonic scribblings on the outside of it. Unlike the others, though, this one doesn't seem to be actively trying to kill you.

You cautiously approach it, and see that it seems to have come unplugged. Lucky you! Must've been recent, too, because the fridge's contents are still cold!

Your ten-leaf clover disappears in a puff of smoke.

Dinner.gifYou acquire an item: ancient frozen dinner
Casserole.gifYou acquire an item: brains casserole
Leftovers.gifYou acquire an item: leftovers of indeterminate origin

Occurs at The Haunted Kitchen with a ten-leaf clover.