New Cloaca-Cola

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New Cloaca-Cola
New Cloaca-Cola

Right before the climax of the Cola Wars, Cloaca Cola, in a bold marketing move, started selling New Cloaca Cola. The only difference was the can, but people were so resistant to the change that they defected in droves to the Dyspepsi faction. Cloaca Cola soon realized its mistake and changed the cans back, making this one somewhat of an antique.

Type: combat / usable item
Cannot be discarded

Restores 140-160 MP

(In-game plural: cans of New Cloaca-Cola)
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Item number: 2437
Description ID: 791269713
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Obtained From

six-pack of New Cloaca-Cola (6)
khaki duffel bag (0-4)

When Used

  • From inventory:
You drink the New Cloaca Cola, relishing the choice of a previous generation.
MPYou gain 140-160 Mana Points.
  • In combat:
You quickly guzzle the antique soda. It seems to have gotten fizzier as it aged!
MPYou gain 140-160 Mana Points.



  • Cloaca-Cola is a play on the name of ubiquitous soft-drink Coca-Cola. "New" Cloaca-Cola is, therefore, a reference to the infamous New Coke.

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