New Age healing crystal

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New Age healing crystal
New Age healing crystal

According to the little tag hanging off of it (not pictured) this crystal will absorb all of your negative vibes and make you feel better.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 69 Meat.

Restores 500 HP
(and briefly stuns your opponent)

(In-game plural: New Age healing crystals)
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Item number: 8425
Description ID: 444874241
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Obtained From

The Velvet / Gold Mine
healing crystal golem
The Velvet / Gold Mine (Mining)

When Used

You stare at the crystal and project all of your bad vibes into it. Your opponent scoffs at your New Age nonsense.
HPYou gain 500 hit points.
Nacrystal2.gifYou acquire an item: New Age hurting crystal


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