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This is a gibson served in a coconut and garnished with a stupid geek joke. It's what they drink at all tomorrow's parties.

Type: booze (awesome)
Potency: 4
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 160 Meat.

(In-game plural: neuromancers)
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Item number: 1582
Description ID: 803710671
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Still sm.gif olive bottle of gin  
Fruitym.gif cocktail onion bottle of Calcutta Emerald  
Discomask.gif gibson coconut shell
Equals.gif Neuromancer

When Consumed

You drink the neuromancer. Your liver turns the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
AdventuresYou gain 14-18 Adventures.
You gain 25-27 Beefiness.
You gain 16-20 Roguishness.
You gain 4 Drunkenness.


  • William Gibson is the author of the books Neuromancer and All Tomorrow's Parties.
  • "Television, tuned to a dead channel" is a quote from the opening line of Neuromancer, where the sky over Chiba is described as having that color. (The "stupid geek joke" likely refers to the common observation that when this line was written, it meant "black and white static", which is pretty much the exact opposite of the "clear cerulean blue" it would mean if written today).


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