Nervewrecker's Store

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Nervewrecker's Store

Nervewrecker's Store is located in sunny Hey Deze. Nervewrecker will sell you various crafting items at discount prices. Only players who have ascended with a Bad Moon zodiac sign can access this store.

Nervewrecker I will take you on an earthshattering hellride. And then I will sell you these fine items. I hope the store does not collapse on me while I sell you these fine items.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
— For Your Idle Hands —
Cocktailkit.gif Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit 500 Meat
Oven.gif Dramatic™ range 500 Meat
Hammer.gif tenderizing hammer 500 Meat


  • Nervewrecker is the name that cult schizophrenic Chicago keyboard musician Wesley Willis gave to one of his "demon voices."
  • Nervewrecker's speech upon entering the store contains references to Wesley Willis. "Hellride" is a reference to "Warhellride," the term Willis used to describe encounters with demons on the Chicago city buses. The store collapsing on him is a reference to a quote Willis made upon jumping on top of a table at the start of a concert attended by Jick: "I hope this table does not collapse on me during my rock 'n roll jam session!"
  • "For Your Idle Hands" is a reference to the sayings "The devil makes work for idle hands," and "Idle hands are the devil's workshop, and idle minds his tools."