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A nerf is a change in to a game that does one or more of the following:

  • weakens some object or ability
  • decreases the value of an item
  • removes an exploit

The word is usually used in a negative sense, as a complaint, but enlightened players recognize that it is the game administrators' responsibility to provide a balanced and fun game for everyone. The word is also sometimes used in a neutral fashion, with no positive or negative tone implied.

Nerfing is a commonly used term among online games in general, not just in the Kingdom of Loathing. For more information, see the corresponding Wikipedia article.


  • The word nerf refers to the NERF brand of children's toys; all of the toys are made out of soft, pliable foam. They are fairly popular among parents because they are less dangerous than hard toys, and are less likely to cause any sort of damage when they wielded by children.

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