Neither a Barrower Nor a Lender Be

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Neither a Barrower Nor a Lender Be
Neither a Barrower Nor a Lender Be

You've braved the terrors of the Barrow Mounds, and now you're all alone in the largest one. What will you do with your new mound freedom?

With a FantasyRealm Warrior's Helm equipped:

The heads-up display in your helmet's visor lights up a specific barrow nearby, labeling it "SECRET HIDDEN ENTRANCE TO THE GHOUL KING'S CATACOMB."

Rob a mound

You spend an hour or so poking your heads into various barrows until you find one that contains some treasure. Your G. E. M. beeps.

Megagem.gifYou acquire 20-30 Rubees™

Scavenge above ground

You wander around for an hour or so looking for anything worth grabbing. You eventually stumble on the remains of a funeral picnic and find a full glass of wine. Your G. E. M. beeps.

Redwine.gifYou acquire an item: mourning wine

Dig through to the ghoul king's catacombs

You enter the indicated crypt and spend an hour moving blocks out of the way of the secret entrance to the Ghoul King's Catacomb. Your G. E. M. beeps as you mop the sweat from your brow.

(Unlocks The Ghoul King's Catacomb)

Leave for now
You'll deal with this whole barrow situation later.

Occurs at The Barrow Mounds.