Near the fog there is an... anvil?

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Near the fog there is an... anvil?
Near the fog there is an... anvil?

At the center of the warmth there is an amalgamation of fog reminiscent of an anvil. The hammer you didn't pick up earlier appears, conveniently, in your hand, inviting you to smith something.

If you have 1 or more soul fragments:

You have X mime soul fragments.

If you have no soul fragments:

You have no mime soul fragments to hammer on. Aww.

Forge 3 soul fragments

You place three mime soul fragments on the anvil and hammer them into a... doorbell? Okay. I guess doorbells are cool, so that's... cool.

Souldoorbell.gifYou acquire an item: soul doorbell

Forge 11 soul fragments

You hammer out 11 mime soul fragments into a creepy mask.

Soulmask.gifYou acquire an item: soul mask

Forge 23 soul fragments

You forge 23 mime soul fragments into a sharp knife. Well, as sharp as an amateur can make it -- Hattori Hanzo you're not.

Soulknife.gifYou acquire an item: soul knife

Forge 37 soul fragments

You hammer and hammer and hammer, and slowly fashion 37 mime soul fragments into an object the size and shape of a quarter.

Soulcoin.gifYou acquire an item: soul coin


You either can't or don't want to forge anything, so you instead forge a path back out of the mists and into the boring old real world.

Occurs when choosing to go toward the warmth in Behind the door there is a fog



  • Before a trivial update on November 15, 2012, you could only forge one of the items in one adventure. After the update, you can now make multiple before leaving.
    • Forging ended with the text:
After you perpetrate the smithery, the mists recede and you find yourself back in the real world.