Natural spider

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Natural spider
Monster ID 1271
Locations Fear Man's Level
Hit Points 60
Attack 30
Defense 20
Initiative 50
Meat None
Phylum bug
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, leg, torso
red pixel, white pixel, black pixel, pixel power cell
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
natural spider You're fighting a natural spider

A skittering sound at the top of a dead tree is followed by a hairy mass landing on your shoulder. You flick it to the ground. Instead of crawling back toward you, it begins to speak.

Hit Message(s):

"There are millions of bugs in your bed," it says. "They eat parts of you while you sleep." Ow! (spooky damage)

"Do you know how many venomous species there are out there," it asks. "It doesn't really matter -- it only takes one..." Ow!

"Maybe something will lay eggs in your brain," it hisses. "Wouldn't that be nice." Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

"You're full of worms," it whispers. "Worms in your <groin>, worms in your <forehead>, worms everywhere." As it speaks, you can feel them moving... Ow! (spooky damage)

Miss Message(s):

"Shut up!" you scream. "Shut up shut up shut up!"

"Be. Quiet." you scream.

"No!" you shout. "No! No no no!"

Fumble Message:

You put your fingers in your ears and hum. You're safe. You're the master of your environment. Safe as houses. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Pixel3.gifYou acquire an item: red pixel
Pixel1.gifYou acquire an item: white pixel
Pixel2.gifYou acquire an item: black pixel
Powercell.gifYou acquire an item: pixel power cell

Occurs at Fear Man's Level