Mysterious Blue Box

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Mysterious Blue Box
Mysterious Blue Box

This blue box says "Do Not Open Until Late February". Intriguing!

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

Can only be opened on February 29

(In-game plural: Mysterious Blue Boxen)
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Item number: 9741
Description ID: 153708947
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Obtained From

VIP Lounge
Madame Zatara’s Relationship Fortune Teller (other player, compatible conversational consultation)

When Used

On February 29:

You excitedly tear open the box to find... part of a rubber doll.
Rubberbabybody.gifYou acquire an item: rubber doll body

On any other day:

This box can't be opened today. Because of the mystery, you see.


  • On February 20, 2020 it was noticed that the four mysterious boxen had been given an enchantment. Prior to this there was no indication of exactly how or when the boxes could ever be opened other than "Late February."


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